Monday, 18 February 2013

102-year-old woman stops smoking

The British Clara Cowell, who turned 102 years old last Saturday, just quit smoking. She had been smoking since 1931. She smokes three cigarettes a day, and smoked a total of almost 60,000 cigarettes in her life. It seems it is never too late to change your lifestyle.

So the secret behing long life and good health is 2 - 3 cigarettes each day, and in the evening a cup of tea mixed with whiskey, according to Cowell's 69-year-old daughter Lynda Fowler. Clara Cowell currently lives independently in Aunscough Brook House in Ribbleton, Preston. She celebrated her birthday with 5 generations of family at the pub.

Clara Cowell celebrating her 102nd birthday with
 her daughter Valerie Houghton

Mrs Cowell is still an active woman, for her 101st birthday she took to the dancefloor for a waltz. "I used to love dancing, particularly waltzing and the foxtrot." Mrs Cowell said. Being a survivor of tuberculosis as a child, she said she "doesn't believe in medication", and it appears it's paying off. 



  1. I think if I was that old, and smoking, I'd keep smoking. The cigarettes were clearly the trick.

  2. I think she just got lucky and/or has really good genes. Lucky her.