Thursday, 7 February 2013

Man robbed in motel room by men in women's lingerie

Another thing you don't see often. Well, you hear about it, maybe read about it, or see them on the internet. But it seems that nowadays crossdressers are also robbing people. Two men dressed in women's lingerie robbed a man in a motel room last friday. The man thought he was meeting up with two lovely ladies, but always expect the unexpected.

The two men in lingerie somehow accomplished to 'lure' the man into the motel room and once the man realized the two lovely ladies weren't in fact, ladies, he tried to escape. Unfortunately for him, to no avail. A third man came out of the bathroom and the three of them beat the victim up and robbed him of his cell phone, cash & credit card.

Police say they already have a suspect in mind. Herbert James Bickham of Marrero, he is known to dress up like a woman with clothing and wigs, and tends to hang around the motel where the incident happened and also another motel. Police also ask anyone with information about the incident, one of the three men,  or Bickham, to contact Crimestoppers at 504.822.1111 or 1.800.903.7867.

Herbert James Bickham

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