Saturday, 9 February 2013

Used heroin needle found in bread loaf

Just imagine. You're making youself (or someone else) a sandwich. You grab a loaf of bread you bought at the supermarket. You get ready to cut a slice or two off, when suddenly... A bloody heroin needle pops up. That's exactly what happened to a Manchester mother while making her 10-year-old son a sandwich.

"Alarmed and distressed" she contacted the police, who used DNA tracing on the needle back to a 61-year-old David Rodgers of Salford, UK. The father and also grandfather pleaded guilty last Tuesday in court to contaminating the bread with intent to cause public alarm. He said he'd hidden the needle in the loaf on December the first. You'd think bread would expire after 3 months right?

Anyhow, after getting his herion fix on the first, he's hidden the needle out of despiration, so he said. To prevent his family from finding out he was using heroin again. Rodgers was told he could face jail time. Dominic Geelan, the prosecutor, stated that Rodgers did not have a particular grudge against Tesco, the maor UK supermarket chain where the load was bought.

"It's hard to believe what I did being a father and grandad," Rodgers told the police. I find it hard to believe too, yet it happened, that's exactly why it's on here.


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